27270C 7 in. Round LED Headlamp

Truck-Lite introduces its 27270C LED headlamp, a 7 in. round version which provides visibility as well as a stylish appearance.

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Through continual development of improved and brighter LED forward lighting technology, Truck-Lite has developed the 27270C, a 7 in. round LED Headlamp.

  • Utilizes parabolic reflector technology to create a smooth, even light output
  • Metalized reflector optics provide clean and homogeneous spread of light without any targeted or focused beams or projector-type color artifacts
  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance
  • Features Omni-Volt technology to accommodate both 12 and 24V  headlamp applications
  • Uses solid-state, bulb-free system resistant to shock and vibration
  • Includes military grade, die-cast aluminum housing, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and scratch-resistant hard coating
  • Provides sleek and modern, yet rugged, appearance
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