AS500 Mining Work Lamps

Hella Mining's AS500 mining work lamps are available in halogen and xenon models.

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Hella Mining, LLC, has launched a line of advanced work lamps specifically for mining applications. The AS500 Series is designed for maximum durability and performance under extremely rugged conditions.

  • Available in xenon and halogen versions
  • Free-Form precision optics deliver homogeneous spread of light
  • Provides close and long-range beam options to suit various mounting and illumination requirements
  • For use on mining machinery and equipment with 24 and 12V DC electrical systems
  • Features heavy-duty, corrosion protected cast aluminum body
  • Includes integral non-snag, ergonomic handle for accurate and stable all-position aiming in high vibration environments
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel mounting hardware is non-resonant and highly corrosion resistant
  • Multi-element DRACO isolator system between lamp and bracket eliminates metal-to-metal contact to reduce intensity of shock and vibration
  • Modular and flexible design enables users to reuse and recycle lights in new applications, upgrade light sources, or change between mounting options
  • Can be mounted directly onto a rigid surface, with optional brackets available for pedestal mount
  • Optical modules can be rotated inside housing to ensure optimum light distribution
  • Xenon models' electronic ballast designed for continuous operation and fully encapsulated in halogen-free, flame-retardant material 
  • MustADD filter eliminates light loss due to corrosive damage, ensuring optimum optical system performance over life of lamp 
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