Trialliant Oval 1200 and 2500 LED Work Lamps

Grote introduces its Trilliant Oval 1200 and 2500 LED work lamps which are available with flood and wide flood lighting patterns.

Trilliant Oval 1200
Trilliant Oval 1200
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Grote Industries has released its Oval 1200 and 2500, two of the latest additions to its LED Trilliant line specially designed for the agriculture market.

  • Available with flood and wide flood lighting patterns 
  • Includes AMP SUPERSEAL and Deutsch connectors
  • Size and shape makes easy to mount virtually anywhere on any piece of agricultural equipment 
  • Compact six-LED package measures 5.9 in. w x 5.12 in. h (including mounting hardware) x 2.71 in. d
  • Uses low noise electronics
  • Includes LEDs with calibrated color temperature to ensure optimum lighting performance that results in white light mimicking daylight to reduce eye fatigue and operator stress
  • Features encapsulant potting material for complete circuit board protection against moisture and corrosion
  • SAE J575E-compliant leak-proof sealed design is certified IP69K and stands up to scratches, pressure washing and harsh weather
  • Strong, die cast aluminum housings protects against shock and workplace abuse
  • Mounting hardware holds fast, and won’t rust or corrode the equipment mounted onto
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