Metallic LED VP Series Vaporproof Fixtures

Phoenix Products Company's Metallic LED VP Series light fixtures are vaporproof and constructed of marine-grade aluminum, or thick-walled brass, to survive in extreme working environments.

Phoenixproductsco Metallicled 10830106

The Metallic LED Vaporproof Series fixtures from Phoenix Products Company are constructed of marine-grade aluminum or thick-walled brass, which are optimal for oudoor marine (saltwater) and other industrial environments. 

  • Well suited for a variety of harsh working conditions, including high vibration mining equipment
  • Certified to IP66 standards
  • Available in 880 lumen (12W) or 1,320 lumen (16W) outputs
  • Ceiling or wall mounted options available
  • External hardware made from 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • LED, rated at 50,0000 hours, is sealed in optically clear silicone
  • Features fully potted driver system for vibration and tamper resistance
  • Operating temperature of -30 to 40 C
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