K-LED 50 and K-LED 100 Beacon Lights

Hella announces the release of its K-LED 50 and K-LED 100 Beacon lights which are durably designed for use in heavy-duty environments.

Hella K Led 50 K Led 100 10892534
Hellainc 10055527

HELLA Inc. introduces K-LED 50 and K-LED 100 Beacon lights. Designed to withstand any type of environment, these LED Beacons meet SAE Class 1 standards and are built with a robust design that ensures long life in heavy-duty environments.

  • Features waterproof and vibration-resistant design
  • Offers both portable and permanent mounting options
  • Available with either a strong magnetic mount with a single button cigar-plug, for easy use on multiple vehicles, or a fixed mount for permanent placement
  • Features multi-unit synchronization for communication with other lights on the vehicle simultaneously or alternately without the need for a central control box
  • K-LED 50 LED uses four LEDs and delivers 12 selectable flash patterns.
  • K-LED 100 is built with 10 LEDs and offers 11 selectable flash patterns
  • Both units have non-volatile memory that recalls the last flash pattern used at power up
  • Includes a 360 degree amber light and produces a bright, long lasting illumination
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • Compact design to fit almost anywhere on any size vehicle
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