Seven-Function Submersible LED Trailer Lighting Kits

Grote introduces its latest LED trailer light which is completely submersible in both fresh and salt water.

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Grote Industries has introduced two 12V LED submersible trailer lamp kits with advanced design features that deliver enhanced durability, longer life and more value to owners.

  • Completely submersible, not just water resistant
  • Seals potted LED circuitry directly to lens to prevent water ingress and damage from vibration, so that the lamps can be completely submerged safely for longer periods of time
  • Submersible in both fresh and salt water
  • Incorporates flush side marker and license lenses to eliminate risk of damage during operation
  • Delivers full range of functionality including stop/tail/turn, side and rear reflectors, and license illumination
  • Kit includes all the lighting and reflector equipment needed for trailers less than 80 in. wide, including all necessary mounting brackets and hardware
  • Square design and standard mounting hole configurations allow easy upgrade to LED lighting technology and does not require secondary optics to meet all FMVSS 108 lighting requirements
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