LEDLB-4R-IR-MSL Infrared LED Stop Light

Larson Electronics introduces its LEDLB-4R-IR-MSL infrared LED stop light, designed for vehicle applications requiring safe operation in covert conditions.

Larsonelectronics Ledlb 4r Ir 10987164

The LEDLB-4R-IR-MSL infrared LED stop light from Larson Electronics is well suited for military and security professionals who require the ability to safely operate under covert conditions without sacrificing the safety and effectiveness of their vehicle's current lighting systems.

  • Provides an effective way to maintain visibility of vehicle movements in convoy, transport and general maneuvering even under blackout conditions
  • Produces infrared light output in the 940Nm range
  • Invisible to the naked eye but easily visible to night vision goggles and equipment
  • Wired into the brake circuit on vehicles, operators can maintain the safety functionality of braking and indicator lighting without alerting potential enemies or suspects to their movements
  • Runs directly from 12 or 24V DC, allowing it to be directly wired into vehicles' electrical system without need for additional transformers or hardware
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