LED Stryker Remote Control Searchlight

The LED Stryker from Golight combines LEDs with P-Vex lens technology to generate a peak beam intensity of 320,000 candela.

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Golight Inc. announces the introduction of the LED Stryker, which offers light intensity and clarity with minimal strain on the vehicle’s electrical system.

  • LED upgrade boasts a 50% increase in intensity compared to halogen counterpart
  • P-Vex lens technology coupled with cutting-edge LEDs generates peak beam intensity of 320,000 candela
  • Emits light at significantly greater color temperature than with halogen—6,000 k— which creates a “whiter” light, comparable to daylight
  • Features “hot spot,” the most intense portion of the beam, comprising nearly 70% of the beam circumference, three times that of a comparable halogen unit
  • LED technology generates nearly four times as many lumens per watt as a traditional halogen light source
  • LEDs are durably designed with a rated useful life of 50,000 hours
  • Features remote controlled operation 
  • Three different remote options available 
  • Offers 370 degree rotation and 135 degree tilt 
  • Stainless steel mounting plate system 
  • Includes integrated 12V DC high-torque motors 
  • Weatherproof for land and sea applications 
  • UV- and salt water-resistant 
  • Draws 2.8 Amps with 12V power source (24V Optional) 
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