Power Beam 1500 LED

Hella announces the release of its latest work lamp, the Power Beam 1500 LED which uses just 22 watts of power.

Hella 1500 Led Trun Pend 11223060
Hellainc 10055527

HELLA Inc. introduces the HELLA Power Beam 1500 LED, an innovative work lamp that replaces the light output of standard 55W halogen lights while using only 22 watts of power.

  • Low power usage makes well suited for use on vehicles that operate by battery or where the alternator is already heavily loaded
  • Compact design (4.4 in. H x 4.4 in. W x 2.3 in. D) suits use on small vehicles and equipment, and in tight mounting areas
  • Features light output of 1,300 lumens produced by six high-performance LEDs
  • Safe to touch due to overheating protection and minimal temperature build-up at the lens
  • LEDs have service life of approximately 16,000 hours
  • Produces light output at a color temperature of 5,700 degrees Kelvin, which is very similar to daylight
  • Makes colors more distinguishable to the human eye in the dark and helps reduce eye fatigue at night
  • Beam is homogeneously distributed through a specially developed multi-faceted reflector to create an excellent lighting pattern for the workspace
  • Available in several configurations, featuring a choice of either close-range or short-range illumination and stainless steel trunnion bracket or pendant mounting
  • Able to handle tough operating conditions and strong vibration
  • Watertight and dust proof sealed to IP67K, and able to withstand high-pressure washing
  • Features operating voltage of 9 to 33V and can be used with both 12 and 24V systems
  • Includes polarity reversal protection, an LED fault bypass, and protection against EMC interference
  • LED fault bypass or LED error recovery ensures functionality in case of LED failure 
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