Konecranes hybrid reach stacker completes field testing at Port of Helsingborg

Konecranes' hybrid reach stacker has completed field testing at the Port of Helsingborg, demonstrating 30 to 50% fuel consumption savings and reducing 80 tons of CO2 emissions.

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The award-winning Konecranes hybrid reach stacker has completed a full year of field testing at the Port of Helsingborg on the southwest coast of Sweden. The test machines have now permanently joined the existing fleet of 15 Konecranes reach stackers and forklifts in the port.

The hybrid reach stacker, called the SMV 4531 TB5 HLT, was launched in January 2013. It features a serial hybrid diesel/electric driveline, an electrified hydraulic closed circuit lifting system and super capacitor-based energy storage. The hybrid reach stacker demonstrates a saving on fuel consumption of between 30 and 50% during normal handling of fully loaded containers compared to conventional reach stackers. Over the test period the tested machines’ reduced emissions amounted to 80 tons less CO2.

Excellent results
During the field tests independent operators established that not only can the machine guarantee significant fuel savings but they also confirmed improved responsiveness and acceleration resulting in enhanced productivity. The machine’s smoother operation also improved operator comfort leading to less fatigue.

“We are very happy with the performance of the machine and not just on the fuel saving and reduction of the CO2 emission. The machine’s reliability, performance and driver comfort have exceeded our expectations,” says Mats Fernebrand, Purchasing Manager, Port of Helsingborg.

“The completion of our field tests has confirmed that the hybrid reach stacker offers unparalleled savings on running costs and energy consumption. These efficiencies are ideal for clients looking to be frontrunners in eco-efficient technology without compromising on heavy lifting performance,” says Lars Fredin, Vice President and Head of Business Unit Lift Trucks, Konecranes.

Moving Forward
Due to the global interest in the hybrid reach stacker, which was recently awarded FLTA’s (Fork Lift Truck Association) excellence award in the environmental category, Konecranes has decided to offer serial produced hybrid reach stackers. The lessons from the field testing will be used to further improve productivity and energy efficiency while engineers continue to work on lowering the emissions of pollutants and noise.

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