TurboCap Series SMPS Capacitors

AVX Corporation's TurboCap Series capacitors utilize BME technology and come in RoHS-compliant versions.

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AVX Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has expanded its switch mode power supply (SMPS) capacitor series to include RoHS-compliant versions. The RoHS compliant TurboCap Series combines high CV values and high current-carrying capacity with low ESR/ESL characteristics to provide high-frequency performance.

  • Utilizes base metal electrode (BME) technology and vertically stacked construction
  • Delivers high tolerance to vibration and board flexure
  • Available in an X7R dielectric 
  • Features voltage range of 50V to 100V with a capacitance value up to 220uf
  • Works with a variety of applications including high-frequency input/output filters, hybrid vehicles, and industrial equipment
  • Lead frame assembly places ceramic up off board and reduces cracking issues as well as susceptibility to shock and vibrations
  • Also available in standard lead-tin termination versions


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