Wi-iQ Battery Monitoring System

EnerSys introduces its Wi-iQ battery monitoring system which collects performance data for peak battery performance.

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The EnerSys Wi-iQ battery monitoring system helps you power your battery fleet more productively and profitably.

  • Collects range of battery operating data, including amp hours (AH) charged and discharged, temperature voltage and electrolyte level
  • Data uploads via wireless communication to a computer, within a range of 100 feet, containing Wi-iQ Reporting Suite analytical software
  • Provides immediate early warning signs of battery abuse
  • Includes universal DC cable sizing for all battery types with up to 4/0 cable sizes
  • Features temperature warning, which enables monitoring of high-temperature risks
  • Voltage imbalance notification indicates possible trouble with cells before battery failure occurs
  • Captures and records up to 2,555 cycles of battery data
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