Low Voltage Power Generation System

Kollmorgen introduces its low voltage power generation system for use in military vehicles.

Kol538 30kw 28vdc Generator Me 10303312

Kollmorgen Corporation has retained American Business Development Group (ABDG) to help bring the company’s Power Generation System to the Defense market.

  • Flexible power electronics support multiple vehicle motor/generator configurations and mild hybrid capability
  • Generates on board vehicle power (OBVP) at voltage levels and power levels demanded by military vehicles
  • Combines system efficiency (90% plus) and reduced package space for fuel and weight savings 
  • Configures as integrated starter generator (ISG), air cooled belt driven motor/generator, or PTO driven system
  • Provides power ranges from 10kW up to 50kW all at 28V DC 
  • Supports demanding defense vehicle power needs within a small space, at low or high voltage, AC, DC or both  
  • Use in Fuel-Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator (FED) provided 30 kW of power at 28V DC, reduced vehicle weight by 150 lbs. 
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