FlexMod Battery Management

Waytek introduces four FlexMod battery management products to preserve and increase battery life.

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Waytek, Inc. an electrical wiring supply distributor, now carries four FlexMod battery management products to preserve and increase the life of starter batteries.

FlexMod Low Voltage Disconnect

  • Preserves battery charge 
  • Protects battery banks by automatically disconnecting loads when battery voltage drops to a critical level

FlexMod 20 minute Timer for Lights

  • Prevents internal lights inside trailer from being left on and draining battery
  • Actuation of momentary switch turns lights on, allowing safe operation inside cargo compartment
  • Flashes lights after 20 minutes, giving operator increasingly urgent warnings to either exit or reactivate timer before lights go out

FlexMod Smart Battery Controller 

  • Monitors two battery banks 
  • Controls one or more relays or contactors to make sure starting power is protected by isolating starting and auxiliary battery banks

Flexmod Voltage Sensing Relay

  • Monitors both battery voltage and ignition status
  • Shuts down non-critical loads when cut-off voltage is reached, or at set time after ignition is turned off
  • Offers timer and voltage sensor in one easy-to-connect unit
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