iMOD X-Series Modules

Ioxus introduces its iMOD X-Series modules include the option for CAN communications to help accurately monitor system vitals.

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Ioxus announces the launch of its iMOD X-Series, a family of 22 modules whose architecture will be the framework for future Ioxus energy storage technologies across its ultracapacitor systems.

  • Makes design and installation at the system level extremely easy
  • Simplifies system design and installation by offering nearly infinite array of possible mounting configurations
  • Features modular design
  • Core includes integrated wire management systems to ensure proper wire location, integrated heat sinks, and 5,000 VAC hi-pot
  • Includes advanced monitoring and communications choices, making CAN communications available on all X-Series products to help accurately monitor vital statics
  • Configurable T-Slot mounting for flexible voltage configuration meets virtually all customer requirements, and creates orientation-agnostic mounting with infinite flexibility and no customer hardware requirements
  • 5,000 VAC Hi-pot has up to 2,000V DC applicability depending on specific industry standards
  • All monitoring, balancing and CAN communications are mounted externally for easy maintenance and upgrades
  • Retrofitting is possible, allowing customer to decide to add CAN communications at a later date, or even switch from analog monitoring to digital monitoring in the field
  • Integrated heat sink provides improvements in heating and cooling dissipation for improved life and reliability
  • Features high shock and vibration rating, ISO 16750-3 Table 12 and 14
  • Environmental protection of IP67 
  • Twenty-two different modules are available, using three popular cell ratings that provide ultimate flexibility for specific application needs
  • Includes Ioxus Titan Cell featuring electro-chemical stability, extreme thermal management, balancing and optional communications to ensure long-term reliability
  • Can be upgraded with the latest chemistries as they are developed and released, allowing for higher voltage and increased energy to be used in existing modules
  • Front facing terminals minimize cable or bus bar length and movement, which reduce or eliminate upkeep and design time
  • Elimination of cables that cross front-to-back in the design allows for easy and safe maintenance of the system


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