G4 Synergetics NiMH Battery

The G4 Synergetics' NiMH battery eliminates welded connections between cells to help reduce battery resistance which lowers battery temperatures and increases charge acceptance.

G4 Synergetics has developed a next-generation NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery that is capable of continuous operation at 8C-rate and full charge/discharge cycles at 16C-rate.

  • Constructed with integrated air-cooling, battery management system (BMS) and overcharge protection
  • Applications include use in electric buses that require ultra-fast recharge capabilities, military and others requiring high-power/high-temperature/longevity
  • Architecture eliminates welded connections between cells and includes other key features within the electrode stack to lower resistance
  • Enlarged current path reduces overall resistance which lowers battery temperatures, provides greater charge acceptance and enables charging at high rates 
  • Allows for stacking cells, with minimal resistance increases, to desired voltages with a baseline of 12V per module
  • Modules can be placed in series/parallel configurations to meet desired operating power, energy and voltage
  • Integrated BMS regulates all aspects of battery charging and discharging
  • Includes built-in redundant mechanical and sensing mechanisms to mitigate risks of overcharge/overdischarge




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