Maxwell K2 Series 3V Ultracapacitors

Maxwell Technologies' K2 3V ultracapacitor offers a 31% higher power output than its 2.7V counterpart.

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Maxwell Technologies Inc. announces the addition of a 3V, 3,000-farad ultracapacitor cell to its K2 family.

  • Provides 31% higher power than Maxwell's leading 2.7V, 3,000-farad cell in the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical form factor
  • Incorporates Maxwell's proprietary DuraBlue Advanced Shock and Vibration Technology to provide three times the vibrational resistance and four times the shock immunity of previous ultracapacitor-based competitive offerings
  • Offers maximized lifespan in demanding transportation environments such as onboard rail, hybrid bus and other applications
  • Existing K2 2.7 and 2.85V customers can seamlessly upgrade systems using the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical cell format while maintaining the same life performance criteria as our 2.7V cells
  • Can be used alone or in hybrid configurations with batteries to help reduce overall cost and weight of systems and support attaining operational efficiencies
  • Operating temperature range is -40-65 C (-40-149 F)
  • Stores energy in electrical field to provide greater storage capacity than batteries
  • Electrostatic energy storage mechanism enables rapid charge and discharge


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