Supercapacitors USA

Learn about future applications, markets and other opportunities for supercapacitors at Supercapacitors USA 2015.

November 18, 2015
November 19, 2015
5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Supercapacitors USA 2015 will bring together users, investors, suppliers, developers, system integraters, and government representatives from around the globe to discuss future applications, market forecasts and opportunities for supercapacitors. The latest supercapacitor technology trends and developments will also be discussed.

Topics discussed over the two-day event will include: 

  • How supercapacitors wholly or partly replace batteries - what next?
  • How supercapacitors replace electrolytic capacitors
  • Road map of how supercapacitors, pseudocapacitors, supercabatteries and other variants are improving and what markets this will open up
  • New forms - structural, smart skin, flexible, transparent, foldable, paper
  • 10 year forecasts for supercapacitors and their variants - operating parameters, costs, sales
  • Today's supercapacitors and their variants - comparative data, sales successes and applicational challenges
  • The future of hybrid and pure electric EV's using supercapacitors by land, water or air
  • Applications for supercapacitors (cold start, regenerative braking, etc.)
  • Supercapacitors in military and aerospace applications

This event is co-located with Energy Harvesting & Storage USA and Internet of Things & WSN USA.

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