Department of Energy Funding Energy Storage Projects

The Department of Energy announces $43 million in funding to support the development of new energy storage technologies.

The U.S Department of Energy's (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will be providing $43 million in funding to 19 projects geared towards further developing energy storage technologies. This funding is also intended to support small businesses who are working to advance battery management and storage for electric vehicles.

These projects are supported by two new programs set up by the ARPA-E--Advanced Management and Protection of Energy Storage Devices (AMPED) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR).

Twelve projects will receive $30 million in funding for their research into the development of advanced sensing and control technologies designed to improve the safety, performance and lifetime of vehicle batteries. Funding will be provided through the AMPED program, who's goal is to maximize the potential of existing battery chemistries, instead of developing new ones.

Through the SBIR program, $13 million will be given to seven projects by small businesses developing innovative and new battery chemistries and designs. Energy Storage Systems Inc. in Portland, OR, for example, will develop grid scale storage using advanced cell design and electrolyte materials made from low cost iron.

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