Kraft Fluid Systems Offering Vanguard Battery

Kraft will sell and service the full product line of lithium-ion batteries from Briggs & Stratton which are designed for use in various off-highway vehicles.

Kraft Fluid Systems Inc.
The Vanguard lithium-ion battery is currently available in a 5 kWh, 48V version.
The Vanguard lithium-ion battery is currently available in a 5 kWh, 48V version.

Kraft Fluid Systems announces that it became the first ever full-line Vanguard commercial lithium-ion battery authorized distributor in North America. Kraft will sell and service the full product line of lithium-ion batteries designed for battery powered off-highway vehicles.  

Vanguard, a division of Briggs & Stratton, manufactures its lithium-ion battery packs in Tucker, GA. Currently Vanguard offers a 5 kWh – 48V battery, which was introduced in August 2019. Plans to offer 2.5 kWh and 10 kWh systems are underway. Vanguard’s battery charger works seamlessly with the battery pack to provide a plug & play system.

Vanguard’s innovative commercial batteries and proprietary charging system offer a more robust solution for electric drive vehicles that operate in the harshest conditions. The rugged modular polymer case system design with aluminum roll cage provides drop-tested proven performance and allows users to utilize batteries in parallel to increase capacity. The company has future plans to offer batteries in series format for higher voltage requirements.

“We are very excited to become the first Vanguard Commercial Battery integrated distributor,” says Scott Durand, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Kraft Fluid Sytems. “We believe that electric drives and their components are the future for off-highway commercial vehicles. Much of our OEM customer base has either launched an electric drive vehicle or has plans to. We are positioned nicely to help them design, manufacture, and fulfill on electric drive systems and components for their new vehicles.  

The Vanguard battery offers an industry-leading 3-year commercial limited warranty and has been field tested to withstand drops, power washing, dust blasting, vibration, heat, and water submersion which makes it ideal for off-highway commercial vehicle use. All Vanguard battery manufacturing, service, and technical support are located in the U.S.A.

“Kraft Fluid Systems is an ideal partner for Vanguard to penetrate the industrial market and service manufacturers in North America. Kraft’s commitment to electric driven vehicles and its extensive knowledge and expertise of OEM manufacturers that have traditionally relied on hydraulics and gas engines is a valuable advantage in light of the current electrification trend,” says Christine Davison, Senior Marketing Manager, Commercial Power, Briggs & Stratton. “Our battery systems offer reduced maintenance downtime, lower noise levels, fast recharging, increased productivity and reliable power in a robust package.”

Kraft Fluid Systems’ Electric Drives Division designs, sells, and services a full range of electric drive systems and components from batteries, controls, motors, gears, and wheels for the commercial OEM electric vehicle market.

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