Forsee Power Supplying Battery Systems for Kubota Micro-Hybrid Engines

The battery chemistry provides a long lifespan and high-power characteristics which suit hybrid applications.

Forsee Power
Kubota's Micro-Hybrid system pairs a battery and electronics with a downsized engine.
Kubota's Micro-Hybrid system pairs a battery and electronics with a downsized engine.
Kubota Engine America Corp.

Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems for the electromobility markets, was selected by Kubota as its partner for the battery development to equip Kubota's micro-hybrid engines for light construction and agriculture vehicles. This is the first significant deal for Forsee Power in the growing off-highway market.

Driven by its strong expertise in developing battery systems and leveraging the availability of a comprehensive offer for the electromobility markets, Forsee Power will develop the battery solution for Kubota’s 48V Micro-Hybrid Engine.

One single LTO 48V-battery to hybridize a wide range of off-highway vehicles

Pure electrification is not the only possible solution to meet emission reduction targets. Hybridization is also an effective and viable approach for many vehicle categories.

After a year of research and development, Forsee Power engineers developed a new high-power Forsee Pulse solution integrating lithium titanate oxide (LTO) cells known for their long lifespan and very high-power characteristics, ideal for the hybrid applications. It has been designed to comply with Kubota's ambitious specifications, which include battery installations in various types of vehicles, such as machinery for construction, agriculture and material handling.

"We are very excited to work along with Kubota, one of the global leaders in the off-highway vehicles market. This is an important step forward for us in this promising market, and also the first development project for a Japanese client, who is known to manufacture very high-quality products. It’s a big achievement, and our team is extremely motivated to go beyond Kubota’s expectations," says Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, General Manager of Business Development for Forsee Power. 

Scalable production capacities to meet the growing demand from manufacturers

The Forsee Power Group has a strong industrial footprint designed to support its customers’ needs globally. The manufacturing sites in Europe (France and Poland) and in Asia (China and India) host automated battery assembly lines whose production capacities – currently 1 GWh – increase annually to serve the strong demand for both heavy and light electromobility. 

Contributing to a better environment and working conditions 

Committed to mitigate climate change with zero-emission solutions to power mobility, Forsee Power has made off-highway vehicles a key area of development for 2021. The electrification of this market is expected to multiply by 7 in the next 7 years1 and will have a great impact on people and the environment. Indeed, the battery is not just about reducing CO2 emissions; it also improves overall health conditions at work as it does not emit any noise or vibration. It will forge the path to revolutionize the health and well-being of millions of workers worldwide. 

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