XALT XLP Low Profile Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Commercial Vehicles

The XLP pack offers scalable high-density battery electric storage in a low profile package.

Xp Pack Illustration

XALT Energy, a brand of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, introduces its XPAND Low Profile (XLP) Pack, a low-profile, high energy density battery pack. 

  • Flat, scalable package offers easier installation of new powertrain technologies.
  • Can be installed in buses, trucks and trains in spaces where height or depth is limited
  • Measures 185 mm high, 612 mm wide
  • Available in lengths between 360-1080 mm depending on the energy capacity
  • Fits securely within frame rails of new and existing medium and heavy trucks and buses
  • Eliminates need for OEMs to redesign and raise the floor of delivery trucks and buses in order to accommodate high amount of energy storage required for long-range applications
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically for greater packaging flexibility
  • Coupled with XALT’s battery management system architecture to offer flexible, fast-charging, clean power options
  • Direct liquid cooled
  • Capable of being connected in series up to 1,250V per string
  • Includes IP67 rated enclosure
  • Accommodates side or bottom mounted interface brackets
  • Standard configurations will include one, two or three cell subpacks within a single enclosure with further packaging customization available
  • Provides energy densities in excess of 260 Wh/l, and specific energies greater than 210 Wh/kg
  • Compatible with higher-power and medium-power versions of XALT’s large format cells as well as next generation of very high-power energy cells
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