Modular System for BMS Testing

The modular concept makes the system scalable and flexible.

D Space Modular Tester
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dSPACE launched a modular system concept for testing battery management systems (BMS). The solution will let users test modern battery systems with overall voltages of up to 1,500 V. Its core component is a precision cell voltage emulation board. The new BMS solution integrates seamlessly into the SCALEXIO technology and can be configured to meet the requirements of each individual customer. When combined with the simulation software ASM Electric Components, which provides a library of battery models, it can be used right immediately. Its field of application ranges from the development and validation of battery systems for electromobility to energy storage systems for modern power grids.

The modular system supports the validation of battery systems up to 1,500 V. The low-latency, real-time-capable integration of the cell voltage emulation to the SCALEXIO system via IOCNET allows for fast updates of the individually emulated cell voltages independent of the number of cells and size of the battery. It is also possible to integrate FPGA applications for faster interaction with the BMS under test. This provides new ways to emulate other technology, such as online electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, with precision.

The new cell voltage emulation board ensures cell voltage generation with high precision, down to 300 µV. With the support of peak currents of up to 20 A per channel and high-precision current measurement, even the most sophisticated cell balancing scenarios can be emulated. Integrated fault simulation lets users simulate electrical faults such as short circuits or cable breaks as well as defective battery cells. dSPACE will complement the modular system design for testing BMS systems with additional emulation boards, for example, for emulating temperatures and high voltages.

The modular concept makes the system scalable and flexible. A new safety compartment concept also makes it easy to wire the cell channels, reduces the length of the wires to the test system, and allows for easy calibration of the individual cells.

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