Design & Engineering Insights: Delta-Q Discusses Battery Charging and Electrification Trends

Advancements in battery technology are also bringing new requirements for charging systems in heavy-duty equipment.

Rod Dayrit, Director of Business Development, North America, and Mourad Chergui, Product Manager, Delta-Q Technologies, note the heavy equipment markets are taking the same path as the automotive market in trying to develop solutions with electric drivetrains.

This has been driven in part by the continuous advancements in battery technology and their decreasing costs. As such, Delta-Q Technologies is continuously working with various OEMs to dive into all of the necessary elements of developing battery charging technology for their machines.

Integrated battery chargers are a growing trend, says Chergui, as they provide operators the ability to charge the machine no matter where it is located. This has been brought about by the growing use of lithium batteries; these types of batteries require higher input rates which integrated chargers are able to provide.

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