UQM PowerPhase DT Drive System Being Used in New Bus in China

UQM's PowerPhase DT HD250 propulsion system with the UQM 2-speed Eaton transmission is included in the newly unveiled Wuzhoulong Motors 12-m bus.

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UQM Technologies Inc. announces that Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors, a new energy bus manufacturer, recently unveiled a 12-m bus for the China market, powered by the UQM electric drive system. Wuzhoulong Motors announced this bus at the Shenzhen International Electric Tradeshow as the Wuzhoulong F2 Felicity 12-m fast charge high performance bus.

This 12-m bus uses the UQM PowerPhase DT HD250 propulsion system with the UQM 2-speed Eaton transmission. According to Wuzhoulong Motors, with peak power of 250 kW and peak torque of 3,050 Nm, this bus saves 32% in volume and 53% in weight when compared with the leading bus E-drive competitors in the marketplace. In addition to the advantages of the UQM electric propulsion system, the Wuzhoulong bus adopts a lightweight design and aluminum body to realize higher EV performance.

Joe Mitchell, CEO of UQM says, “After much hard work getting this bus deployed, we are glad to see the market entry of the UQM drivetrain in China. This should speed up the adoption of UQM technology in China, and underscores the move away from direct drive towards more power and torque dense UQM motors paired with a 2-speed transmission as the most efficient solution for the transit bus vehicle application in the marketplace.”

Wuzhoulong Motors started China’s first national new energy bus commercial demo operation route line in 2005. Today, nearly 3,000 Wuzhoulong new energy buses are running in more than 20 routes in China.

Chen Qingquan with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the World Electric Vehicle Association Founding President, said during the unveiling, “UQM has very good power density and high performance. The UQM drive system Wuzhoulong used has better performance than the other E-drive suppliers, and the UQM drive system saves in volume and weight. Today, I’m very happy to see UQM come to China and become bigger and bigger.”

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