UQM PowerPhase FCS

The UQM PowerPhase FCS supports fuel cell stacks from 30-150 kW and in the 270-800V DC voltage range.

Uqm Integrated Fuel Cell

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the introduction of its Integrated Fuel Cell Compressor System, the PowerPhase FCS.

  • Fully integrated fuel cell motor/inverter/compressor
  • Customized for wide range of fuel cell applications 
  • Provides number of benefits including improved packaging, elimination of several components – such as cables and connectors between the motor and inverter – and overall optimized performance
  • Covers majority of market need for fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Supports fuel cell stacks from 30-150 kW and 270-800V DC voltage range
  • Can be used in applications with pressure ratio ranging from 1-2.2, and airflow from 100-500 kg/h
  • Vehicle applications include full size transit buses, port vehicles, shuttle vans and more
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