Liebherr Introducing Two Diesel-Electric Trucks at MINExpo 2012

At MINExpo 2012, Liebherr will introduce two diesel-electrical haul trucks as well as two new hydraulic excavators.

Liebherr R9150 Mining Excavator
Liebherr R9150 Mining Excavator
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At MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas, Liebherr will be exhibiting the latest technology and innovative solutions from the group’s mining division. Visitors can find the Liebherr stand in the Central Hall, Booth 7627. With this strong commitment, Liebherr once more demonstrates its investment into the mining industry’s biggest showcase.

At MINExpo 2012, Liebherr will introduce two diesel-electric haul trucks in Las Vegas: the new T 284 as the follow-up to the successful T 282 C in the 400 short-ton class, and the newly-designed T 264 set to catapult Liebherr into the 240 short-ton payload class. Liebherr will also introduce two new large hydraulic excavators: a face shovel version of the 386-ton R 9400 as well as the brand new 140-ton R 9150. The exhibit space also shows large earthmoving and lifting equipment used for supporting work in the mining business. To complement the product line, Liebherr will be displaying and demonstrating various customer support solutions.

T 284 Mining Truck

Millions of operating hours and years of design experience have come together to create Liebherr’s newest ultra-class mining truck: the T 284. The T 284 offers the highest payload in the industry and features the latest generation of the Litronic Plus AC drive system. Built with many Liebherr-designed systems and components, the T 284 serves as the platform for future advances in mining truck technology. Developed and built by Liebherr, the proven Litronic Plus drive system determines the optimal way to extract power from the diesel engine. With this system more power is available to accelerate the truck and climb grades. This system also conserves fuel when the engine is idling. In this way the Litronic Plus system minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes performance. Liebherr's goal is to use as much of the truck’s load-carrying capacity as possible for payload.

T 264 Mining Truck

Backed by 30 years of proven design and operational experience, Liebherr re-enters the 240 ton payload class with the T 264. This fuel-efficient mining truck is built for safety and reliability, and is sized to match the Liebherr R 996 B and R 9800 hydraulic excavators, as well as electric shovels and wheel loaders for optimal performance.

In order to maintain a safe working environment, the T 264 features payload and overload warnings. An anti-rollback feature keeps the truck stationary when stopped on grades in either forward or reverse. The advanced Traction Control System with four-wheel speed sensing capability automatically adjusts torque to the rear wheels in order to maximize traction when cornering, accelerating from a standstill, or traveling down wet or icy roads. Developed by Liebherr exclusively for mining trucks, this system enables operators to consistently maintain steering control and truck stability. The integrated electronic system monitors, records and outputs vital truck health and performance data. Data is stored and available for download to perform detailed analysis. This system supports predictive maintenance strategies to minimize unscheduled downtime.

R 9150 Mining Excavator

The brand new R 9150 hydraulic mining excavator is the perfect loader for 50-ton trucks and offers a wide array of uses. The advanced R 9150 is the successor of the Liebherr R 984 C. Offering the largest bucket capacity in its class combined with its high digging forces and optimal cycle time, the R 9150 is the most powerful excavator in the small class mining market.

The R 9150’s new, modern cab design offers ideal working conditions and optimal operator comfort. Its one-piece windscreen provides a panoramic view over the entire machine and loading area. The R 9150 is equipped with a new monitoring system also used on the R 9800. By providing complete monitoring functionality and textual maintenance information, this system enables easy machine operation management and quick dysfunction diagnostics.

The R 9150 is equipped with the same Liebherr V12 diesel engine as the R 9100, specifically designed to withstand extreme exterior temperatures and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, the R 9150 is built for intense mining and complies with USA/EPA Tier 2 emission limits.

R 9400 Mining Excavator

The R 9400 is built for ultimate performance in the medium class mining market and is the ideal machine to load a fleet of 150-ton trucks. Available in two configurations, either diesel or electric, the R 9400 offers the flexibility to perform in any application. The R 9400 is powered by the Cummins QSK50 diesel engine which complies with the USA/EPA Tier 2 emissions limits. The electric drive version is an efficient alternative for applications that do not require frequent machine relocation. The power system makes the R 9400 cost effective without compromising productivity whilst reducing the machines impact on the environment.

The production-tailored attachment kinematics combined with a mining-optimized bucket shape ensure the highest crowd and breakout forces. Even under tough conditions the R 9400’s high digging force allows easy bucket penetration and high bucket fill factors to achieve high productivity. The machine is available with a wide range of buckets and Liebherr Ground Engaging Tools to cover all mining applications.

Optimizing electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power distribution, the Litronic Plus System allows for easy control even when simultaneous movements are required. Every attachment cylinder is fitted with the patented Liebherr Electronic Damping System which provides controlled end-cushioning for fast and smooth machine’s motions. In addition, the R 9400’s is equipped with the ‘Pressureless Boom Down Function’ to enable fast cylinder retraction without the need for pump energy. Intelligent and power-oriented energy management diverts the pump flow during boom lowering, allowing other cylinder motions to operate unimpeded.