Peterson Manufacturing Receives Silver Certification for Supplier Excellence from Caterpillar

Peterson Manufacturing has received a Silver certification from Caterpillar for its performance in supplying industrial lighting products.

Peterson Manufacturing Caterpillar Supplier Award

Peterson Manufacturing Company has been awarded Silver certification for 2012 through Caterpillar Inc.'s Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP). Caterpillar personnel visited Peterson’s corporate headquarters in Grandview, MO on April 9 to present the award.

"Silver recognition proves what we've known for some time; Peterson’s people are never content with 'good enough,'" says Peterson's Steve Meagher, Vice President of Sales. "No organization can maintain long-term success by just treading water, no matter how good they are. After 25 years of working closely with Caterpillar, we know here's no such thing as good enough."

Caterpillar's SQEP evaluates numerous criteria, including quality, shipping performance, capacity planning and more.

This sort of broad, comprehensive evaluation highlights Peterson's strengths. "We're committed to improving everything we do, not just the quality of what goes out our dock doors. The responsiveness and attention we give to our relationship with Caterpillar is the same commitment we make to every one of our customers, and that is probably our greatest strength as a company."

Peterson Manufacturing supplies Caterpillar Inc. with a variety of industrial lighting needs.

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