SKF introduces Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings for electric motors up to 500 hp

SKF has added new sizes to its line of Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings, enabling the bearings to be used with electric motors up to 500 hp.

Since the launch of SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings in February 2008, SKF has extended the range to target larger electric motors, up to 350 kW (500 hp).

“Customers are always looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gasses. This extension of E2 bearing sizes means even greater savings are now possible in many applications and industries," says Chiara Forlani, Marketing Manager for the Electric Motor segment in SKF.

Some OEMs and end users have already embraced the new solution and are realizing the benefits that SKF Energy Efficient bearings can provide.

The new sizes will let repair shops offer additional cost savings potential to their customers.

“As an SKF Certified Rebuilder I always use SKF bearings so the idea to test an improved bearing was challenging. We registered saving of 150 watts on a brand new 7.5kW motor of a major product brand; this is a good saving for a small motor. The saving potential is enormous in motors of bigger frame sizes and if is widely used in every industrial facility. In addition, the features of the new SKF E2 bearing increase the expected service life of the motor, another benefit to our industrial users that also reinforces our good-will in the market,” says Matt Fletcher, Managing Director Fletcher Moorland Ltd.

SKF Energy Efficient bearings reduce friction losses by at least 30% compared to standard SKF bearings. They are designed for light-to-normal load applications such as electric motors, pumps, gearboxes and conveyors.