Electroswitch displaying over-mold switches at CONEXPO

At CONEXPO 2014, Electroswitch Electronic Products Division will exhibit switches featuring Over-Mold technology for durability in harsh operating environments.

Electroswtich Over Mold Sealingon Switches

There are many switch applications that are in harsh environments where Electroswitch Product Division's switches are expected to perform in the presence of vibration, dirt and moisture. Often cable harnesses put undue strain on switch terminals requiring extraordinary means to protect and strain relieve wiring conditions.

Electroswitch offers an Over-Mold technology which encapsulates the switch in a sturdy polyamide thermoplastic material. Low-pressure overmolding is a process that is different from injection molding or potting. The hardness of the material resembles that of an automobile tire.

Prior to overmolding, the switch and cable assembly is placed in a mold where it is subjected to a low-pressure injection molding process encapsulating both the switch and wiring. The overmolding process yields an overall strengthening of the switch unit for better resistance to wear, stress, and abuse. Electroswitch is currently supplying its C4 Series switch with Over-Mold to a major bus manufacturer and has also done prototypes with miniature toggle switches for a marine application.