Optronics adds GloLight LED technology to Panelite Millennium Series

Optronics has enhanced its Panelite Millennium Series with the addition of its GloLight LEDs.

Optronics M1 Lightwith Glo Light Led Technology
Optronics Logo Chrome

Optronics International, America’s largest offshore vehicle lighting manufacturer, has revealed 24 new Panelite Millennium Series SKUs with GloLight LED lamps. The GloLight product enhancement is the first in 15 years and represents the first product restyling effort since the LED version of the Panelite Millennium Series was introduced. The stunning new lamps take the famous Panelite Millennium Series to new heights of brightness, visibility and style.

The new products combine the revolutionary look of GloLight lamps with the signature aerodynamic chrome-plated bezels of the Panelite Millennium Series to create a distinctive new, ultra-high-style offering. The updated look is expected to appeal to independent owner-operators who have been the overwhelming fans of the Panelite Millennium Series for years.
“Owner-operators often like to make a personal statement with their vehicles, and Optronics’ patented GloLight technology states that you want to be noticed,” says Peter Hohendorn, Vice President of Dieter’s Accessories, owner of the Panelite brand. “Whether you’re dressing up a new factory-ordered vehicle or your existing rig with our aftermarket components, you and everyone else will notice a big difference with the new Panelite Millennium Series with GloLight lamps.”
With 24 new product SKUs to choose from, there is a lot to consider for those who favor the conspicuous, polished look of the Panelite Millennium Series. Model upgrades include red, amber and combination red/clear and amber/clear versions of the popular M1 6.5-inch LED marker lamps, M3 3-inch LED marker lamps and M5 4-inch LED marker lamps.
For drivers who already have their vehicles fitted with GloLight stop, tail, turn and marker lamps, the new Panelite Millennium Series gives them the opportunity to have an all-GloLight look for their vehicles. GloLight lamps combine light-diffusing material that gives them a defining, smooth, brightly glowing appearance on the perimeter of the lens, contrasting with a more traditional LED look in the center.
Optronics is supplying the aftermarket with attention-getting wall-mount displays with aluminum diamond plate backdrops and high-impact counter displays that allow customers to get up close and personal with the lamps. Truckers will start seeing the new Optronics product displays in retail truck parts stores soon.
“Our new Millennium Series lamps aren’t just more attractive, they’re also more durable than their predecessors, because they’re produced using solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) technology,” says Marcus Hester, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Optronics International. “Optronics remains committed to designing and manufacturing corrosion-resistant LED lighting with a goal of achieving 100% SMD-based manufacturing throughout its entire LED product line.”
Optronics' SMD design keeps the new Millennium Series lamps working by protecting them against moisture, shock and vibration. The new lamps meet all FMVSS 108 photometric requirements for visibility and safety, and each lamp comes with a three-year warranty covering their tough, sonically welded polycarbonate lenses and housings.
The new Panelite Millennium Series M1 6.5-inch LED marker lamps, M3 3-inch LED marker lamps and M5 4-inch LED marker lamps are expected to begin shipping immediately. The lamps are available with standard .180 bullet connectors.