Kollmorgen launches MOTIONEERING Online design tool for simplified motor and drive spec'ing

Kollmorgen launches MOTIONEERING Online, a web-based tool which helps simplify the task of specifying motors and drive systems for design projects.

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Kollmorgen introduces a new tool that will provide a better experience in motion system sizing and selecting - MOTIONEERING Online. This premiere OEM design tool utilizes a mechanism project concept to collect and save load information for multiple axes. This design tool automatically calculates application results and compares them against Kollmorgen’s robust database of products allowing for quick identification of the optimized rotary motion system to meet specific machine builder application requirements. Similar to the company's PC-based Motioneering Application Engine, this new online tool features a wide variety of mechanism types to help simplify the tedious task of specifying optimized motors and drive systems. 

MOTIONEERING Online includes a user-friendly Help System that explains program functions, definition of terms, and algorithms used to perform application results. Versatile units-of-measure options for mechanism and motion profile data entry, along with the ability to convert data into other available units, make this a convenient tool for international machine designs as well.

Once application results are calculated and system selections are made, the MOTIONEERING Online PDF generator creates a complete report of application results, system and product specifications, and system performance and user-profile curves with application placement within the plot – ready for easy review and distribution.

MOTIONEERING Online is compatible with most popular browsers including Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and works well on Safari.