TYRI Lights announces new branding efforts

During INTERMAT 2015, TYRI Lights announced its new branding efforts which include a revamped website and updated catalog.

New Content

Industry leader in off-highway machine lighting solutions, TYRI, launched its new branding on April 20, 2015. To accompany this new look and feel, the company has also developed a new video, set to take social media by storm.

TYRI’s new brand look and feel will include a newly revamped website and an updated, fresh catalog, which was available in hard copy at INTERMAT Paris and downloadable from the new TYRI website. Further changes are planned throughout the year. Clayton Foster, TYRI Global Business Development Director states, “We are excited to introduce the updated TYRI brand. We have been working hard to develop new innovative and exciting products, and the new brand will help complement our overall commitment to quality lighting products. All TYRI off highway lighting solutions undergo a wide variety of tests to ensure they are tough and durable to provide the maximum amount of useable light for any application. We work with our customers to develop products that provide the correct amount of usable light to help them achieve the best performance from their machinery.”

Along with a fresh and professional branding change, TYRI’s new social media video, featuring a builder and his dog setting off to work, provides a unique take on the average morning of builder. Foster says, “This fun look at an everyday occurrence of one of our end users setting off to work in the morning, has a loveable twist as he takes his dog along with an ending you don’t want to miss.”