B&R opens new subsidiary in Singapore

B&R has opened its 25th subsidiary in Singapore which will help the company serve the entire Southeast Asia region.


B&R has inaugurated its 25th subsidiary in Singapore. The strategically located office serves the entire Southeast Asia region, and is spearheaded by General Manager Mark Meng.

"We have created a strong lineup of partners in this region over the past years, and have been well positioned in our target markets. It is the right time to step up with a new and promising start," says Meng, who has already been in charge of the Southeast Asia region for the past years. Besides the city state itself, B&R Singapore will take care of the surrounding countries as well. The main focuses laying on Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, as they both have growing machine building industries that try to reach the global market.

Fully localized support

B&R Singapore commenced its activities with a full team of business development, sales, technical and application support. “Our customers, as well as partners, will benefit from our strong local support team,” says Meng. “We will accelerate the delivery of solutions which leverage the power of integrated automation technologies and high scalability, and help our OEM customers achieve their business goals while competing in the global market."