UQM introduces PowerPhase HD(+) electric propulsion systems

UQM's new PowerPhase HD(+) electric propulsion systems offers increased continuous power of up to 25% to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the introduction of the PowerPhase HD(+) electric propulsion systems. The HD(+) is a major improvement in UQM’s motor system technology, offering an enhanced thermal path and an increase in continuous power of up to 25% for handling extreme duty drive cycles and steep grades for heavy-duty vehicles.

“We are pleased to announce this new technology advancement which is available as the HD(+) product upgrade. The HD(+) systems are designed for customers that have the need for more continuous power to handle steep grades and the most demanding commercial drive cycles,” says UQM Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO Joseph Mitchell. “The addition of the HD(+) technology to our product portfolio further strengthens our position as the provider of the highest quality and most technologically advanced electric drive motors and controllers in the global market, and offers our customers even better performance than existing record-setting systems.”