UQM PowerPhase HD220 Motor to be used in Kalmar Electric Airplane Tugs

UQM's PowerPhase HD220 traction motor/controller system will be used in Kalmar Motor's new generation of airplane tugs to help airports reduce vehicle emissions.

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UQM Technologies Inc. announces that Kalmar Motor AB in Sweden has successfully passed vehicle trials with major airlines and plans on beginning production orders by mid-2016 using the PowerPhase HD220, UQM’s heavy-duty commercial traction electric motor/controller system, for its TBL50 airplane tugs. Ground handling tugs play a vital role at airports by enabling large aircraft to be moved from their hangars to the passenger gate, as well as for pushback and other taxiing functions on the runway.

These mission critical vehicles require total reliability and around-the-clock service in all weather conditions. Kalmar Motor has been the pioneer of the unique TBL towbarless concept and is now developing a new generation of tugs that will enable airports to cut their use of diesel-driven tractors to address growing demands for reduced environmental emissions.

“UQM continues to expand into new heavy-duty commercial markets, and this tug by Kalmar Motor is a prime example of a new propulsion application where UQM is the ideal electric drive system provider. We are looking forward to working with such a respected and well known partner as Kalmar in this growing market,” says Joe Mitchell, President and CEO of UQM.

Magnus Johansson, Sales Director of Kalmar, says, “The UQM control software allows us the versatility we need for these demanding vehicles, and their electric motor systems offer the best power density, performance and efficiency we have seen in the industry. This makes UQM ideally suited for rigorous aircraft towing applications that require as little downtime as possible.”