UQM Technologies Receives New Follow-On Order from Proterra to Support Increased Demand

UQM has received an order to produce and ship more PowerPhase HD electric drive systems to meet Proterra's increased vehicle production needs.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the receipt of a new order from Proterra for PowerPhase HD electric drive systems to be completed and shipped before the end of 2016. Proterra will nearly double its production capacity in 2016 as an increasing number of transit agencies see zero-emission buses as a credible and proven alternative to diesel, CNG and hybrid buses. With active fleets and more than 60 buses on the road today in Texas, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina and Washington, Proterra’s production ramp is designed to meet the growing demand for emissions-free transportation across the country.

“We have worked closely over the years with Proterra to create what we believe is the most technologically advanced heavy-duty electric drivetrain in the marketplace,” says Joe Mitchell, President and CEO of UQM Technologies Inc. “That achievement, combined with Proterra’s over 2 million proven miles, makes the UQM/Proterra solution a hugely successful transit vehicle. We expect this growth trend to continue as more transit agencies throughout the world electrify their fleets. It is a tribute to the durability and quality of the UQM drive system that helped lead to this hallmark achievement by Proterra.”

Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra says, “This achievement marks an important step for Proterra as a company, and UQM has been a tremendous support as a partner in reaching this milestone. With UQM’s industry-leading electric drive technology and the hard work of both teams, we are closer to reaching the economic, environmental and civic value of electric mass transit. It demonstrates to the transit agencies that diesel – often viewed as a necessary evil – is no longer necessary. Proterra powered by UQM is the best transit technology on the road today.”

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