IdlePro 12V 210-Amp Heavy-Duty Alternator Awarded Standard Position on Blue Bird School Buses

Starting in July, the Prestolite IdlePro 12V 210-amp heavy-duty alternator will be available for fitment on Blue Bird school buses.

Idle Pro 12 V 210 A Pad Mount

Prestolite has been awarded standard position by Blue Bird Corporation to supply IdlePro 12V 210-amp heavy-duty alternators from Leece-Neville Heavy-Duty Systems for fitment on Blue Bird school buses, beginning in July 2018. The latest standard position announcement extends a longstanding relationship between the two companies.

“Blue Bird and Prestolite have worked together for many years to develop alternators engineered to meet and exceed the school bus industry’s uniquely challenging charging system requirements,” says Nick Laenen, Vice President, North America, South America, Australia,  Sales and Marketing, Prestolite. “We are very pleased that Blue Bird has decided to extend this partnership and will continue to rely on Prestolite to deliver superior performance and reliability to its customers.”

Previously, Blue Bird became the first OEM to adopt the IdlePro 12V 240-amp alternator as the standard option for its range of school buses. The company will continue to offer that model – along with IdlePro Extreme 12V 280- and 350-amp alternators – as upgrade options for customers in need of additional amperage. Blue Bird customers also can choose to install Leece-Neville 4000 series alternators in 270- and 320-amp versions.

Engineered to thrive in the most extreme operating environments, IdlePro alternators from Leece-Neville offer industry-best output at low engine speeds – where school buses spend much of their working lives. Each alternator features a variety of built-in technologies designed to enhance electrical system performance and extend battery life. 

 IdlePro 12V 210-Amp Alternator

  • Operates at 70% efficiency
  • Minimum of 63% of rated maximum output available at idle*
  • Dual internal fan design minimizes heat damage
  • Remote sense capable for reduced battery charge time
  • Isolated Ground Technology reduces stray voltage in the engine
  • Premium, eCoated heavy duty design offers superior durability under extreme conditions
  • Covered by a 3-year, unlimited-mile warranty**
  • All-new, no-core

*Certain applications

**School bus applications only