AxleTech Showcasing New Electronics, Mechatronics Remanufacturing Capabilities at AAPEX 2018

The company is launching electronics and mechatronics remanufacturing based on the expected exponential growth of electronics content in vehicles in the next 5 years.

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To bring cost-effective, high-quality, and sustainable solutions to market, AxleTech is extending its product offerings by entering the world of complex electronics and mechatronics remanufacturing. The company has assembled an in-house team of experts and brought in state-of-the-art testing systems to support this effort, which is being introduced in booth 4579 at this year’s APPEX Show from Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2018, in Las Vegas.

For the last 40 years, AxleTech has remanufactured its axles and transfer cases for the off-highway and defense markets, and recently launched an air disc brake remanufacturing product line. The company is now launching electronics and mechatronics remanufacturing based on the expected exponential growth of electronics content in vehicles in the next five years.

“As autonomy, electrification, and sustainable manufacturing become increasingly more important in the mobility sector, the industry will require experienced and knowledgeable complex electronics and mechatronics remanufacturing specialists,” says Raji El-Kassouf, Director of Business Development, Remanufacturing, AxleTech. “With this new program, AxleTech will be able to provide customers with a viable, cost-effective option for quality remanufactured electronics and mechatronics, as well as ensure the serviceability of these products and help manage lifecycle costs.”

To establish its new remanufacturing group, AxleTech hired a team of highly trained engineers, including Chief Engineer PT Muldoon, who has spent more than three decades working in the space. The expert team, based in Troy, MI, will be responsible for technology development.

One of the group’s first tasks was to create a new line of proprietary testers, which will significantly reduce development time and improve the warranty feedback loop on emerging electronics and mechatronics technologies. These advanced machines evaluate cores to determine what repairs are needed and if the repairs are successful. The testers also confirm remanufactured products meet intended functional requirements.

In addition to the testers, AxleTech installed new software, hardware, and facilities to remanufacture a wide range of these products. As a result, the company has the capabilities to remanufacture any product with a circuit board and a plug, such as anti-lock braking modules and transmission control modules, hybrid electronic systems, electronic throttle valves, mass air sensors, and electronic braking systems, among many others.

This new remanufacturing capability will give AxleTech access to new OEM and Tier 1 customers and select independent channel distributors. Down the road, the company’s Electric Vehicle Systems (EVS) customers will be beneficiaries of this effort as AxleTech EVS products also are slated for remanufacturing.

“The establishment of complex electronics and mechatronics remanufacturing program aligns with AxleTech’s long-range business plan to invest in sustainable manufacturing and electric powertrain systems,” says Bill Gryzenia, CEO, AxleTech. “AxleTech is a proud member of MERA – the Association for Sustainable Manufacturing. We believe in balancing technology innovation and environmental stewardship with the goal of building a better experience for our customers and their consumers.”

Beyond its sustainability benefits, AxleTech’s remanufacturing services will provide key advantages to customers. The process allows for customers to reuse older generation assemblies that are obsolete or replaced, reduce inventory, solve inherent issues with the original product design, and have guaranteed availability of products.