HARTING Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

The HARTING expanded beam fiber optic cable assemblies have the fiber safely packed in the connector housing to prevent it from being affected by dust, water or other environmental factors.

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HARTING’s expanded beam assemblies are designed to provide excellent reliability and durability for high bandwidth transmission over fiber optics in the harshest, dirtiest operating environments.

  • Uses span wide range of industries and activities, from tunnel boring, mining, oil and gas, power generation and transmission to shipbuilding and container ports
  • High bandwidth and rugged design allows, for instance, HD video signals used in vision systems controlling boring machines and associated equipment to be safely and securely transmitted, often over long distances 
  • Fiber is safely packed in connector housing that cannot be affected by dust, water or other environmental factors
  • Ruggedized, 2 and 4 fiber channel solution
  • IP68 rated (in both mated and unmated condition)
  • Temperature range of -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Genderless connector, regular disconnection and re-connection of cabling is easier than with standard fiber optic cabling
  • Correct mating o two assemblies is always assured
  • Cleaning is simple as no special tools or training are required
  • Extending length ofoptical connection is as simple as connecting an additional cable, with no need to pay attention to laying direction or any additional adaptors, saving time and money, and eliminating need to match different mating faces in the field


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