Prestolite Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme 600-Amp Heavy-Duty Alternator

The IdlePro Extreme 600-amp heavy-duty alternator is a 24V design suited for use in military, mining and other extreme applications.


Prestolite Electric has expanded the Leece-Neville IdlePro alternator series to include 600-amp output at 6,000 rpm IdlePro Extreme alternators.

  • For applications that require extreme performance and reliability in extreme and challenging environments
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Lightweight design, weighing up to 24 lbs. (11 kg) lighter than comparable models
  • High-performance brushless design helps reduce weight/size and maintenance concerns
  • Suited for military, coach and mining vehicles
  • Provides good performance at low engine speeds
  • Meets and maintains critical vehicle system voltage requirements 
  • Includes advanced technologies designed to improve battery life, increase reliability and minimize downtime in
  • Isolated Ground Technology reduces stray voltage and electrical noise, helping protect engine
  • Operates at 78% efficiency
  • Offers minimum of over 66% of rated maximum output at engine idle speed (in certain applications)
  • Numerous regulator options available including CAN
  • Fully submersible/fording option available 
  • Heavy-duty housing helps protect against vibration-related service issues
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