SKF Lincoln SL-6 Injector

The SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector eliminates the need for manual lubrication on heavy-duty equipment.

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The SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector has been designed for ease of use and maintenance and eliminates need for manual lubrication.

  • Provides outstanding leak protection and service life, even with harsh EP (extreme pressure) greases
  • For use in various harsh environment applications, including in dump trucks, excavators, and other mining and construction equipment  
  • Quick maintenance features include highly visible red indicator pin, an adjusting screw requiring only basic tools, and hex-shaped body which maximizes working space, making it easy to handle and work with
  • Vent speed is faster than that of competitors to provide optimal lubrication
  • Daisy-chain effect aids lubrication: as soon as each injector finishes venting, it helps the next one to complete its cycle by consuming grease from the main line
  • Improved sealing reduces risk of lubricant bypass
  • Closed structure channels bypass lubricant to the bearing in the unlikely event of a failure and repair is then possible by simply replacing two components
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