Prestolite Leece-Neville PowerPro Extreme 12 Starter with iRelay Technology

The iRelay technology provides programmable protection features to protect against failure from a wide range of cranking issues.

Pei Ppx12 I Relay Cmyk

Prestolite has added iRelay (intelligent relay) technology to its Leece-Neville PowerPro Extreme 12 starters which provides programmable protection for a higher level of dependability and performance.

  • Fully customizable to OEM requirements
  • Provides added protection against early life failures caused by a wide range of cranking issues, pinion and ring gear tooth abutments and more
  • Increases reliability and performance on the job site, particularly in extreme operating conditions like construction and mining
  • Enables flexibility to adjust specifications to meet OEM requirements for both single and dual starter applications
  • Standard SW030 starter control relay with added electronic module provides programmable “intelligent” protection using small microprocessors
  • Provides protection from starter engagement into a running engine, under-speed cranking and more
  • For dual or triple starter applications found commonly on generators, mining equipment and more
  • Includes functionality to prevent single starter operation* and helps to monitor starter synchronized operation
  • Prevents the engine ring gear from pinion milling in dual or triple applications

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