Axiomatic AX141200 CAN to WiFi Converter

The AX141200 CAN to WiFi Converter is used in wireless CANbus monitoring in off-highway machines and control systems.

O2 U2509 Ax141200
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Axiomatic Technologies Corporation introduces the AX141200, a rugged, and adaptable CAN to WiFi Converter for secure and reliable wireless connectivity to a vehicle CANbus.

  • Used in wireless CANbus monitoring in off-highway and industrial machines, and control systems
  • Offers remote bi-directional CANbus accessibility over a wireless link
  • Acts as a wireless bridge
  • Features one CAN port for a high data transfer rate with a configurable baud rate
  • Rugged design with IP67 protection rating
  • Integrated TE Deutsch 8-pin connector
  • Powered from a 12 or 24V DC battery
  • Features a status LED indicator
  • Converts CAN frames into UDP or TCP IP datagrams, and vice versa, over wireless network using a Wi-Fi protocol
  • Wi-Fi connection provided by an internal antenna
  • Wi-Fi port can work in a station or access point mode in 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency range

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