ABB Introduces High-Voltage Connector for Growing Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Market

The range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells to heavy-duty electric vehicles (EV) is designed to advance wiring and cable management and protection solutions for the global EV market and transport sector.

Abb Harnessflex Hdv 1

Cable to connector stability is critical to the operation of any electric vehicle (EV). Heavy-duty EV wiring is particularly vulnerable to high engine temperatures, strain, abrasion, vibration, ingress and corrosion. To protect and stabilize these connections, ABB Installation Products developed the world’s first full range of hinged high voltage connector backshells for heavy-duty EV with the Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces.

Heavy-duty vehicles comprise a small percentage of the world’s transportation but are responsible for nearly a quarter of total estimated road emissions globally. As countries tackle climate change, commitments to reduce heavy-duty vehicle emissions are leading to tighter standards on fleet and public transportation, as well as industrial and agricultural equipment. The move toward lower-emission vehicles translates to modern engine designs with a significant amount of electrical wiring and hotter running temperatures. ABB’s Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces are part of a complete cable protection system designed to meet or exceed industry standards, protect critical wiring, and improve performance and reliability in high voltage applications.

Harnessflex EVO Connector InterfacesHarnessflex EVO Connector InterfacesABBThe Electric Vehicle orange color of ABB’s Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces indicate high voltage wiring and components, deliver cable-to-connector strain relief with high mechanical performance, as well as prevent debris intrusion. Designed with a tamperproof, integrated clip system, Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces add an extra layer of security to high voltage systems and strengthen resistance to abrasion and vibration on EV applications.

According to company representatives, the Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces reduce cable movement and form tighter junction joints for safer and more secure high voltage connections in electric ancillaries, DC/DC converters, onboard chargers, high voltage battery packs, hybrid systems, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and dynamic and static power systems.

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