Filter Sensing Technologies Inc.

Cambridge, MA 02142

Company Details
PO Box 425197
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone:(617) 379-7330

Founded in 2008 as an MIT spin-out company and headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Filter Sensing Technologies Inc. (FST) is focused on developing advanced measurement and control technologies to meet today’s most pressing challenges facing energy consumption and the environment. The company’s technologies encompass on-vehicle sensors and controls, filter cleaning and reconditioning equipment, and advanced instrumentation and diagnostic systems. FST maintains a broad IP portfolio spanning these applications and works closely with OEM customers to develop custom sensing and control solutions to address currently unmet needs in the market.  

FST’s management team has extensive experience in the fields of engine and emission controls, lubricants and fuels, microwave sensing, and plasma physics, with prior success developing and licensing technologies to Fortune 500 companies in similar and related industries. The technical team is led by Dr. Alexander Sappok and Dr. Leslie Bromberg who, combined, hold over 50 patents covering a range of technologies related to energy efficiency and emissions reduction systems.

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