RF-DPF Particulate Filter Sensor

Filter Sensing Technologies' RF-DPF particulate filter sensor provides real-time measurement of soot and ash level within diesel particulate filters which can be transmitted wirelessly or over a CAN J1939 network.

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The RF-DPF particulate filter sensor from Filter Sensing Technologies Inc. is a fully-integrated sensing and control unit, capable of measuring soot and ash levels in diesel particulate filters (DPF) and providing direct feedback control of the aftertreatment system.

  • For on-vehicle sensing and control in a wide range of applications including off-road equipment such as construction and agriculture and on-highway trucks, buses and other vehicles 
  • Provides real-time measurements and feedback control based on filter soot and ash levels
  • Can be used in OEM and retrofit applications
  • Reduces engine fuel consumption through optimized regeneration intervals 
  • Offers advanced diagnostics with powerful DPF measurement capabilities
  • Lowers maintenance costs by measuring ash directly, cleaning the DPF only when needed
  • Extends component life by minimizing high temperature regenerations
  • Reduces system costs by utilizing smaller or less expensive filters via improved sensing
  • Helps provide faster development times by decreasing the resources needed for DPF calibration
  • System hardware and software can be customized to meet specific customer requirements
  • Hardware consists of RF control unit with a 102 x 105 mm footprint
  • RF measurement probe is similar in size to stock temperature sensor
  • RF operates with either single or dual probe configuration for vector measurements over broad frequency range from 0.4 to 2.4 GHz,  and is user configurable
  • Includes built-in and automated OSL calibration, auto-zero function DPF normalization, and integrated sensor self-diagnostics
  • Communicates via CAN J1939, analog output 0 to 5V, USB 2.0, or wirelessly with up to 16 GB of internal data storage
  • Sensor inputs include two SMA RF ports, two RTD temperature sensor inputs, two thermocouple temperature sensor inputs, and up to four analog input channels
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