The ZF-ADM is an electronic system which automatically controls all axle and transfer case differential lock shifting functions.

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The ZF-ADM – Automatic Drive-Train Management - is an electronic system which automatically controls all axle and transfer case differential lock shifting functions and excludes incorrect handling.

  • Central components include dog clutches assembled in axles and the transfer case
  • Actuated by the ADM electronic control unit, the specific dog clutches in the differentials allows shifting on the fly
  • Speeds of all wheels are measured and compared with each other by using the signals of the installed speed sensors
  • When slip is detected on one of the wheels, the control unit automatically activates the differential locks within a millisecond
  • Locks remain active only as long as there is missing traction on one or more wheels
  • Differential locks open automatically by spring force when not needed anymore 
  • Helps prevent mechanical damage to the driveline and incorrect operation by inexperienced drivers
  • Eliminates need for driver to pay permanent attention to ground conditions or stop in order to manually engage differential locks
  • Plastic housing reduces weight and space concerns
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