Digi-Max D1000 Bunk Heater Control

Espar Heater Systems introduces the Digi-Max D1000, a controller for Airtronic D2/D4 bunk heaters.

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Espar Heater Systems announces the release of the Digi-Max D1000 for Airtronic D2/D4 bunk heaters.

  • Gives drivers maximum heater control
  • Features large display screen for constant heater status display, temperature set point with either Celsius or Fahrenheit options, and runtime countdown clock
  • Isolates problem shut-offs from routine shut-offs through “Check Heater” indicator and simplified diagnostic service messages
  • Easy-to-operate controls reduce potential for driver error
  • Descriptive Fault Code Messages helps drivers navigate service issues
  • Programmable Low Voltage Shut-off prevents unnecessary delivery delays 
  • Simplified menu allows easy programming of heater’s operating parameters
  • Operation controls include Maximum Run Time Limiter and Customized PM Schedule Alerts
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