EP1 EDGE processor

JETprotect offers a robust computer cube for off-highway equipment.

Jet Ep1ed 10058858

JETprotect offers its 'tough-as-nails' computer cube, the EP1 EDGE processor, for military tracked vehicles, earthmoving equipment and heavy robots. The EP1 is a sensor and camera acquisition, general processing engine and digital recorder for the command and control of modern tracked platforms.

  • Incorporates an ATOM Intel processor with up to 128GB of SSD (solid state hard drive), a five port 100BaseT Ethernet layer-2 managed switch and multiple means to acquire sensor data and camera video
  • Operates in temperatures to 70 C (158 F) on an input voltage range from 10 to 35v DC
  • Consumes 15 watts
  • Four MIL type connectors provide a large distribution of signal routing for complex vehicles
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